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My friend and musician Doug Lins died this autumn after a courageous battle with cancer. The November poem is dedicated to him and the photo is of Doug and his wife Karen this summer. I knew it might be the last time I saw them perform together.


I met Doug decades ago when he came to work at the hospital my late wife Pat and I worked at. One day he announced that he was going to make music his life, and he did just that. As a singer-songwriter, Doug played the college circuit, spent some time in Nashville and found roots in Northwest Indiana. He performed as a solo act, with both of his wives and other musicians and formed a trop-rock band. Doug built a recording studio on his property, recording musical acts and giving music lessons. He even created a hot sauce company.


The moments I have cherished most with Doug were the times we spent together in his recording studio. He would record my voice and respond musically to what he heard, in the moment, unrehearsed. I was always amazed at his ability to do so in such a meaningful way, forming a bond between the spoken word and musical melodies. His magnificent musicianship illuminated my creative projects.


Doug was kind and considerate with a wry sense of humor. Our creative collaborations will outlive us both and I hope he is remembered for how generous and gifted he truly was.

Our film Conceal and Carry has been awarded "Official Selection" at the Depth of Field International Film Festival and the Cotswolds Independent Film Festival. Our film has also been awarded "Semi-Finalist" at the Austin International Art Festival, the Santa Monica International Filmmaker Awards, the Milan Filmmaker Awards, the Hong Kong Indie Film Festival and the Vancouver Independent MovieMaker Awards. 

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